The very air seems to shiver and vibrate as a multitude of harmonic tones reaches out into an infinite universe. The essence of your cells — your very being — reacts, reorganizes, and harmonizes. Sound energy can be used to heal when entities vibrating at different frequencies come into resonance with one another. Sound can trigger memories, release past memories, stimulate joy. Sympathetic resonance is a healing technique in which the practitioner applies positive intention, focus and attention to the sound healing instrument being used. The harmonics create the shift. The mysterious sounds and overtones created by Tibetan gongs have been venerated for thousands of years. Tibetians consider the Gong to have magical power and is often used to heal the sick. The soul of the person was believed to be empowered by being touched by the gong. One big mystery to most westerners is how the sound of the gong matures over many years. Before striking the gong, it should be tapped lightly several times to begin the vibration. Striking the gong in different places creates different sounds, depending on the overtones present. All of these gongs are hand-hammered. All gongs come with mallets.

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