Guru Rinpoche Copper Statue – Mini 4”

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Guru Rinpoche Copper Statue – Mini 4”: Guru Rinpoche Statue, small size 6″H, aka Padmasambhava, an emanation of the Buddha Amitaba, is a great master.

He helped to stabilize Buddhism in Tibet in the eighth century during a time of difficulty. He spent more than 55 years in Tibet, manifesting countless wonders and is highly revered by all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and especially by the Nyingma.

Guru Rinpoche stated that when his mantra is recited continuously, and his presence is invoked with a pure intention…”This will avert all of the negative forces of disease, famine, unrest, bad harvests and all bad omens and indications in all the countries of the world, such that the rain will fall in a timely manner for the crops so there will always be a plentiful supply of water for agriculture and for human and animal life, and all regions and areas will experience prosperity and auspicious conditions.”

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