Manjushree, bodhisattva of wisdom 3”

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Manjushree, bodhisattva of wisdom 3”

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Manjushree (Sanskr.: Mañjuśrī) is a bodhisattva associated with wisdom (prajñā) in Mahayana Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, he is also a yidam. His name literally means means “Gentle Glory”. Mañjuśrī is identified as the oldest and most significant bodhisattva in Mahāyāna literature and symbolizes the embodiment of prajñā (transcendent wisdom). Unlike most statues made for the tourists, all the details of this statue — such as the hands, face, etc — are made very carefully and in the details. Each statue has some space inside to be filled by traditional way. This hole is closed by cover.

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